NSU-MAX Schraubertips
    Tips and tricks from Max-riders for Max-riders      

Any tips to our best knowledge, but without guarantee!

Sorry, not every hint is translated in English

Operation tips:  
Decompression Clever Max driver use the decompression.
Hobbyists tips:  
Kickstarter fixing Eternal life for the teeth of the kick starter
Simmerring in the bearing plate Removing without nervous breakdown
Kriechgang Lebenshilfe bei schwer schaltbaren oder sich selbst bewegenden Mäxen (pdf-Dokument)
Leaking clutch It leaves unsightly marks on the pavement (pdf-document)
Restoring motor housing Restoration of the surface of the motor housing by vibratory grinding (Text in German)


More tips are especially welcome! Post to others MAX drivers use their experience in your MAX repair. So grab the keyboard!

last update:  26.10.2022