NSU MAX-IG Club-Magazine
    Der Maxfahrer is since 1992 the club magzine of NSU-Max-IG      

Der Maxfahrer  is the club magazine of the NSU-MAX-IG. Consisting of aproximately 50 pages per issue every NSU MAX friend can publish his offers, items for sale, items that are needed, helpful hints and all the other stuff relating to the NSU MAX.

Der M
 is depended on the help of the readers, so of the IG members. Without their article, written as a technical assistance, reports on journeys, reports on themselves and everything what deals anyhow with NSU Max there would not be the magazine.
Therefore, a appeal to all: ride and do handicrafts, but also write about. Send us text and images, so we have to print something!

All the work to bring the
Maxfahrer in your mailboxes is located on one shoulder! Everything is organized within the NSU Max IG, done at leisure the respective Max rider. So, Der Maxfahrer should be late, do not be angry, it will be a good reason!

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A table of contents of the technical article here : Press me

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