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We wish all friends of NSU-Max merry christmas and a happy new year!

D-Flagge Dieselbe Seite in Deutsch?

Welcome on the homepage of the NSU-MAX Interessengemeinschaft!

Here you find a lot of information and other things relating the NSU MAX motorbikes.

The homepage is still under construction and we apologise for not having all the pages available in English at the moment. We are no professionals in web publishing, we are friends of NSU motorbikes.

Union Jack = Page available in English and German   D-Flagge = Page only available in German

The NSU-MAX-IG May we introduce the NSU-MAX Interessengemeinschaft? Union Jack
History of the MAX Something worth to know about the development of the MAX D-Flagge
MAX-Pictures Pictures showing MAXes and other NSU motorbikes Union Jack
Max-Colours Pictures showing MAXes in original paint  D-Flagge
MAX-Hints Helpful hints for MAX restorers D-Flagge
MAX-Links Links to interesting web-sites for NSU-MAX drivers Union Jack
MAX-Books Books and other literature relating the NSU-MAX Union Jack
MAX-Events Treffen and other Events for NSU-MAX drivers Union Jack
MAX Gallery Pictures of MAXes, presented by their proud owners Union Jack
E-mail address list List of e-mail addresses of MAX-drivers woldwide Union Jack
What's new? What is new on this homepage (History of updates) D-Flagge

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We are looking for pictures of Maxes that have been exported to foreign countries and which differ from the German version. Please send it to the webmaster.

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